Cylindrical Gage Calibration


Precision measurement of internal and external diameters allows us to provide calibration certificates and data.

  • Assured Accurate Calibration of your Ring Gages
  • Calibration Uncertainty of less than 1 micro inch
  • Full Calibration Data at No Additional Charge


  • Internal diameters 0.125 to 12.0 inches
  • External diameters 0.0 to 11.0 inches
  • Measuring rings, plugs, disc or American Gage Design tolerance of Class XXX or less of 1 second (5 microinches/inch) or Linearly 0.0000010 inch
  • At a range +/- 200 (+/- 0.001/inch) angular accuracy of 0.1 Second (0.5 microinch/inch)

Cylindrical Gage Sample Data